Lilyan's 1st Birthday

Lily is 1 year old! I can't believe it. Does that mean she is no longer a baby? Do I say I have a toddler now?! Well she is definitely acting more like one these days. She screams when she doesn't get her way and throws a fit if she can't play with your phone, keys, wallet...anything important. On the flip side, she is more cuddly  and just the sweetest girl ever. I love my baby toddler!

Here are a few pictures from her birthday festivities. If you couldn't tell, she's obsessed with Minnie Mouse. I'm hoping we didn't overdo it because I can see her developing a phobia over Disney characters thanks to her parents.

This was her on her actual birthday. I stayed home from work and made her mickey mouse pancakes for breakfast! These were the only two that resembled mickey mouse; the others looked more like blobs.

Her cute birthday dress:

Her birthday cake (Ultimate White Cake from Wegmans - SO GOOD)

We put the entire cake in front of her and she refused to touch it until we cut her a slice! So much for the typical baby face in cake pictures.

These pictures were from her Birthday Party over the weekend. I bought a smaller version of the Ultimate White cake above from Wegmans, smoothed down the frosting and decorated this cake with fondant. I must say, I'm very impressed with how it turned out...not so impressed with the stains left on my palms from the red and black fondant dyes. (more on this cake later)

 Dessert table and favor boxes. (The cupcakes were hot fudge sundae cupcakes - recipe from Joy the Baker...guests could decorate them with whipped cream, sprinkles, and cherries!)

Time to eat your birthday cake!
(or just stare at it until we cut you a slice)

yummy BBQ, pesto pasta salad, lumpia (spring rolls) & baked corn

She pretty much sat in this chair the whole night (gift from her Aunt) ...what a lazy kid!

Happy Birthday Lilyan!

Help Haiti!

Click on the image to donate online at Global Giving:

Please donate! I did and it only took 3 minutes of my time!

birthday planning

Someone very special is having her first birthday party! I'm so excited and at the same time in shock that her 1st birthday has so quickly approached. I can't believe that a year ago I was eagerly prepping for the unknown experience of childbirth. I read everything there was to know about childbirth and watched every episode of 'A Baby Story' on TLC. I did so much research that I freaked myself out about the worst case scenarios. What a stressful time! Thankfully, I expected the worst and it wasn't that bad! Maybe there's a lesson in that. Always expect the worst. Actually, that would lead to a very depressing life...so, maybe that's not the best lesson. Anyways, one year later, here I am, prepping for her birthday party! What are you supposed to do anyway at a 1 year old's party? The only things I have right now on the list are eat, drink, and sing Happy Birthday. I need ideas!

While you're thinking of ideas for me, I'll give you a little preview of what I have planned.

Theme - Minnie Mouse (not over the top, mainly just red, black, and white polka-dots)

Location - local Community Center

Invitations - Alyssa and I made these on Photoshop...I think they turned out quite cute!

Birthday cake - 2 tier cake inspired by the images below:

 (I wish I would have chosen this pink instead of red as the theme color...I love it!)

Birthday outfit - did I say not over the top? because this might be a bit overboard:

I bought this tee with short sleeves and Lilyan's name on it at http://www.etsy.com/shop/makmaydesigns and the tutu at http://www.etsy.com/shop/jujustutus. I also bought a matching bow from http://www.etsy.com/shop/BetsyonEtsyBows. I can't wait to show pictures of her completed outfit!

Food - catered by Beltway BBQ second place winner Matty. He's making pulled pork and barbecue chicken, so so good. I've taken on the task of making the sides. We only have to feed about 60 people...that shouldn't be so hard, right?

Drinks - keg of beer. It is a Matheny party after all. For the (handful of) non-drinkers, sodas and water in these red cooler tubs I bought. Oh and Lily can have juice in her cute Minnie cup that I just now thought of buying.

Decorations - Mickey and Minnie ears for everyone (well for everyone that doesn't have a big head like me and can fit into a kid sized headband). Red, white, & black balloons. Cute red napkins with white polka-dots that I found at Paper Source.

Music - I'll go through my iTunes and see what Lily dances to and add it to my iPod. Maybe I'll even throw in the Mickey Mouse clubhouse theme song.

So, that's it. That's all I have so far! I still need to find a birthday banner, goodie bag gifts and more decorations. I have a lot of planning left to do!

can't our players just get along?

Ughh. Portis needs to stop talking. Every time he opens his mouth he says something stupid. He pretty much came out and called Campbell a pushover who sucks as a team captain. Stuff like this really annoys me as a loyal Redskins fan. Then again, if we had a winning record this season, maybe I wouldn't be so easily annoyed. Oh well, I'm just glad Campbell came back and defended himself. I can't say that Portis is 100% wrong in what he said, but why does he always have to be so disrespectful? I wonder which one of them will be gone by next season...my money's on Portis.

Then there's Arenas. Good ol' Gilbert. I wonder at what point he thought it would be a good idea to bring not one, but three guns into the locker room. So, now he's suspended indefinitely for taking his guns out and playing a not so funny joke on Javaris Crittenton after they had an argument a few nights before. In his defense, they were supposedly unloaded and the argument between him and Javaris Crittenton stemmed from a card game. I know what its like to be a sore loser...just ask my husband after he came back to beat me in Mario Kart.

Oh, and Welcome to D.C., Shanahan!!
Can't wait to see what the off-season brings. HAIL!


project 365

Check out my Project 365 blog! Each day this year I'm going to post a picture that I've taken. By the end of this project, I hope to look back and reflect on all the blessings in my life, no matter how small. Wish me luck in this long assignment!


2010 Resolutions

Happy 2010!

Lily's 1st Christmas (in photos)

Christmas Eve at the In-Laws

[first gift of the night - matching P.J's with her cousin!]

[she also got a sleeping bag to match her cousin's from last year!]

[I love this picture...they are so cute together]

Christmas Eve at our home


Christmas Morning!

[coming out to see all of her gifts]

[reading her card from her mommy and daddy]

[inside her Dora playhut!]

[she loves the tunnel!]

[opening her stocking]

Christmas at Grandpa's house

[opening one of 100 gifts she received]

["Excuse me...this is MY gift!"]

[remember when I said, "I wish my sisters and I could take pictures in front of the tree in ridiculous outfits like the old days"? Well my wish came true, when my sister bought us matching p.j's! haha]

[back at home - Lily wanted to play on her new cute lamb rocker from Pottery Barn]
[p.s. - ignore my husbands outfit...he's wearing Transformers p.j's he got from my sister as a joke...
...except, he secretly loves them]

Hope everyone enjoyed the Holidays!