so much to do...so little time

There are so many little things that have been added to my to-do lists. Consolidating my to-do lists should be on my to-do list. The picture shows a few of my lists I have lying around at work. Sometimes I trick myself into thinking I'm actually accomplishing something by making a to-do list. See all of those empty check boxes? I need to check them! Well first, I need to accomplish the task, then check them. Of course that involves having free time...you know like the time it has taken me to write this blog post? I guess what I really need is some MOTIVATION! I need some motivation to complete the little things that have gotten past me. I always wonder where people find the time and motivation to reorganize their closets, create scrapbooks, blog daily, clean, do laundry, go out with friends, and cook. I seriously want to know because I need help! I wish I could say our home is always spotless and dinner is always prepared and my clothes are always hung up, folded, or put in hampers. I feel like my nights are spent cleaning up the mess made in the mornings and my weekends spent cleaning the messes made at night. Did that confuse you? Because I'm confused. Just to give you an idea, my mornings go something like this: Wake up by 7am, shower, find something to wear from the piles of clean and sometimes dirty clothes on the floor, kiss Brian goodbye as he leaves for work, frantically pack Lily's breakfast and lunch, pack my own breakfast (instant oatmeal and a banana) and lunch if I'm lucky to see a Lean Cuisine in the freezer, warm up Lily's bottle, give to Lily as she wakes up and watches cartoons, finish my make-up and hair, make coffee, pour into thermos, pack up my purse and Lily's bag, change her diaper, get her dressed and somehow try to make it out the door by 8:15am. Truthfully, I'm lucky if I make it out that early and if along the way I haven't spilled my coffee all over the place or can actually find something to wear! Then after work and after I pick up Lily, I'm at home around 6 trying to figure out something to cook for dinner. And if it's anything like last night's dinner which took FOREVER...we eat around 8:30pm. Who knew brown rice took about an hour and a half to cook in the rice cooker? So, the last thing I want to do after dinner is anything productive. Unless it's making brownies. Which I did last night...and after I finished my brownie sundae, I found myself going back to the brownie pan with a spoon then to the freezer for a spoonful of ice cream, then back for a spoonful of brownie and so on. Which is not the point of my story at all...I just wanted to highlight how my mind tries to trick me into thinking I'm eating less than I really am.

See what I mean? Even my thoughts are cluttered! So, the point I'm trying to make is that I need to make a change in my life before I go crazy! I need to prioritize and organize my life. I need a schedule. I need, I need, I need...I sound so greedy! 

Maybe, I should just make a new to-do list:
  • Prioritize
  • Organize 
  • Schedulize 
Now I feel better. I have a to-do list. I've accomplished that much at least.


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